Are You Considering Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are a fantastic way to straighten the misalignment of teeth without making the fact that you are wearing braces blatantly obvious. Ceramic braces, which in essence serve the same role as traditional braces, are designed to be the […] Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Fix Tooth Crowding

In most cases, tooth crowding doesn’t pose any risk to one’s oral health. However, there are times when one should seriously consider fixing their tooth crowding issue through the utilization of teeth straightening techniques, such as braces or clear aligners. […] Continue Reading

How to Take Care of Your Retainer

Finally! Your braces are off, which means your teeth are straight, and you never have to worry about them ever again, right? Well, not exactly; you still have to wear your retainer. For many who have just had their braces removed […] Continue Reading

Most Common Types of Malocclusions

A malocclusion, which is an imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed and can cause oral health problems and be a major annoyance to those who suffer from it. With that said, a good portion of individuals […] Continue Reading

5 Options to Straighten Teeth Other Than Traditional Braces

Traditional braces put low-level pressure on the teeth to move them into the right position. These braces are made with plastic, ceramic or metal brackets. Many people opt for traditional braces to straighten teeth, but they come with various issues. […] Continue Reading

A Comparison of 4 Fast Teeth Straightening Options

Very few of us are born with flawlessly straight teeth. However, with incredible technological advancement in dentistry, you can fix your crooked teeth and get a beautiful, confident smile. All you need to do is consult your orthodontist or dentist […] Continue Reading

5 Options Can Be Explored During a Teeth Straightening Consultation

Scheduling a teeth straightening consultation is the first step in improving a person's smile. There are many ways we can straighten teeth today, so instead of assuming that braces are the only option, it is best to speak with a professional. We recommend that people schedule […] Continue Reading

Faster Teeth Straightening Options Are Available

Many patients contact us wanting to know if we offer any fast teeth straightening options. Orthodontic technology has undoubtedly improved, and so now it is possible to straighten teeth in a much shorter period than 20, or even 10 years […] Continue Reading

An Orthodontist in Stockton on the Importance of Retention After Straightening

Visiting an orthodontist in Stockton is a great start in finding treatment for straighter teeth, but it is just a start. Many people do not realize that the retention phase of treatment is just as important as the active straightening […] Continue Reading

Options for Impacted Teeth From Orthodontic Specialists

If you or your child are suffering from impacted teeth of any sort, orthodontic specialists can help. It may not be your first thought to consult with an orthodontist when you realize you have an impacted tooth, but it may […] Continue Reading