Orthodontic Treatment for Patients with Impacted Teeth

We can treat patients suffering from impacted teeth in our Stockton orthodontics office. Very often, a patient will find out that he or she has impacted teeth. Other times, we discover the impacted tooth when conducting an initial examination and […] Continue Reading

How to Care for a Retainer So It Can Last a Long Time

Wearing a retainer is often necessary after wearing braces. The retainer serves the important job of holding teeth in the correct position. After all, having teeth revert back to their initial position would be incredibly frustrating after spending so much […] Continue Reading

Saliva Helps to Promote Healthy Teeth While Wearing Kids Braces

When our young patients are wearing kids braces, the parents often have questions about oral health. These questions are more important than ever since teeth are more susceptible to decay when wearing braces. The increase in susceptibility is due to […] Continue Reading

Grandparents Are Using Adult Braces in Stockton to Straighten Teeth

We treat grandparents and older patients who are interested in using adult braces in Stockton to straighten their teeth. There is a misconception that braces are only for children and adolescents. The notion that they are only for young people […] Continue Reading

Information on Retention from Our Orthodontic Office

In our orthodontic office, we can provide important information and details about the teeth straightening process using braces. We will also go over how to maintain a beautiful smile once the treatment process is complete. Retention is one important topic […] Continue Reading

Teeth Straightening is Perfectly Safe When Done Correctly: Facts You Should Know

Visit a professional orthodontist First, it is important to visit an orthodontist for professional straightening services. An orthodontist is someone who goes to dental school but, instead of stopping and starting a practice, continues on to receive additional education in […] Continue Reading

Visit a Local Orthodontist for the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

This holiday season, consider doing something for yourself by visiting a local orthodontist. Now is an excellent time to take the first step towards creating a beautiful smile that you will be proud to show off.The holidays are busyWe understand that […] Continue Reading

We Treat Complex Orthodontic Issues as an Orthodontist in Stockton

As an orthodontist in Stockton, we treat a variety of complex orthodontic issues, working with patients to identify treatments that will be the most effective for addressing any challenges they are facing. We are able to address these complex issues […] Continue Reading

Treatments Offered In Our Orthodontics Offices

Upon visiting our orthodontics office, we can provide you and your children with a variety of treatments to improve a smile, the position of the teeth, and the jaw. During a consultation, we will conduct an examination and take X-rays […] Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting a Kid’s Orthodontist

Most parents have a lot of questions when they bring their child to our kid’s orthodontist office and for good reason since straightening teeth is a big deal. We have the proper training and expertise to effectively straighten teeth with […] Continue Reading