Impacted And Missing Teeth Stockton, CA

At Suliman Orthodontics, we provide orthodontics services for children and adults looking to straighten their teeth and align their jaw. Orthodontics is the study and treatment of dental displacement and malocclusions. As an expert at issues pertaining to the jaw, we can move and adjust teeth even if they are fully formed and hardened. This makes it possible to straighten teeth in adults, rather than children only.


An impacted tooth is a tooth that for one or more reasons has not erupted into the mouth. The most commonly impacted teeth that require orthodontic treatment are the Maxillary canines. Other teeth can also be affected but are less common. The canines are often the last teeth to develop and erupt into the oral cavity. Because of the lack of space or the absence of neighboring teeth (Lateral Incisors), the canines either fail to erupt completely or erupt somewhere other than their normal position (ectopic eruption). It is absolutely essential to help impacted teeth erupt for the following reasons:


  • Likelihood of damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Likelihood of tooth and surrounding tissue pathology
  • Eruption into areas void of proper tissue leading to chronic periodontal problems
  • Compromise proper jaw function
  • Negatively impact smile aesthetics
  • Lead to the asymmetric alignment of teeth


The treatment for impacted teeth can vary from simply extracting the primary (baby) tooth and creating sufficient space for the adult tooth to requiring surgical exposure and bonding. We always prefer the conservative approach, but if it becomes evident that an impacted tooth requires help, we will make the appropriate referral to a specialist who will perform a minor surgical procedure to expose the tooth and bond an attachment to it. We will then put traction on the tooth to bring it into proper alignment. This often prolongs the treatment time in braces by 6-12 months.


A missing tooth is the absence of one or more teeth that should normally be present. The cause could vary from tooth trauma to genetically missing teeth. Missing teeth require the expertise of not only orthodontists but your general dentist, oral surgeon, and periodontist depending on the severity of the case. If left untreated, missing teeth could lead to:

  • Improper Jaw function
  • Accelerated tooth wear
  • Asymmetric alignment of teeth
  • An unattractive Smile


Treatment of missing teeth requires either the prosthetic replacement of the missing teeth ( which often requires braces to open lost space) or the closure of the space (also requires braces) and minor cosmetic alteration of adjacent teeth. Dr. Suliman collaborates with some of the best dentist/specialists in our area to ensure that the proper treatment is carried and followed through. As a rule of thumb, if the missing teeth are one or more front teeth, then your dentist will need to work with your orthodontist to ensure successful treatment. An orthodontist must not be overlooked when dental treatment involves one or more missing teeth. A simple orthodontic consultation can shed light on whether the treatment will involved braces or not.


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