Length of Treatment


How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Although every case is different, patients generally wear braces from one to three years. Treatment times vary with several factors, including the severity of the problem being corrected, how well the patient follows the orthodontist’s instructions for wearing appliances and how well the patient attends to oral hygiene. Patients who brush and floss thoroughly; avoid hard or sticky foods; wear their appliances as instructed, and keep their regular appointments usually finish treatment on-time and with excellent results.

The days of having to wear braces for five years or longer are gone. This is primarily due to the advanced training of our doctor and the great advancement in orthodontic appliances and technology. There are a few instances where early phase 1 treatment is warranted. In these situations, phase 1 treatment can take up to 1 year followed by a period of rest. The patient is then re-evaluated every 6-8 months to see if phase 2 treatment is needed. If so, phase 2 can typically take 1-2 years depending on the complexity of the bite and tooth alignment needed.


Although the overall length of orthodontic treatment can range from 1-3 years, you are seen once every 6-10 weeks. This equates to about 6-18 appointments. We know life’s events can get in the way, but we highly encourage our patients to stick to their scheduled appointments and always be on time. This will shorten treatment time and produce significantly better results. Please call our office at (209) 487-5167 ahead of time (at least 48-72 hrs) if you know you won’t be able to keep your appointment.