Orthodontics Stockton, CA

At Suliman Orthodontics, we provide orthodontics services for children and adults looking to straighten their teeth and align their jaw. Orthodontia was technically the first specialty that was created in the field of dentistry and in order to become an orthodontist, Dr. Suliman had to complete additional schooling in addition to dental school. Similar to how a surgeon furthers their education in order to become a specialist, an orthodontist continues to train until they become a true expert at straightening teeth and aligning the jaw. As an expert at issues pertaining to the jaw, Dr Suliman can move and adjust teeth even if they are fully formed. This makes it possible to straighten teeth in adults, not just children.

Why Orthodontics is Necessary
As a Stockton orthodontist, we find that many people suffer from overcrowding, spacing, overbites, underbites and other issues, creating the need for orthodontics. 

The Procedure
If you are considering straightening your teeth, there are several ways to do so but the concept is virtually the same regardless of which solution you select. In order to move teeth into position, pressure has to be consistently applied. Teeth cannot be forced into place immediately; rather, there must be slow and consistent pressure in order to ensure that they move without being damaged. Typically, pressure is not applied to all of the teeth at the same time but specific teeth are targeted for movement then an adjustment is made to apply additional force to a different tooth or teeth while holding the other ones in place. This is necessary for ensuring that each tooth moves into the appropriate position.

Once treatment is complete, most patients are required to wear a retainer.  Ongoing retention ensures that teeth do not move back into their previous position – a risk with any orthodontics treatment.

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