What Adults Should Know About Teeth Straightening Options from an Orthodontist

Posted on: April 15, 2019 by Sam Suliman

Although teeth straightening usually happens in our younger years, many seek such options well into adulthood. Many adults are apprehensive about straightening their teeth for fear of having to wear bulky wire braces. Thankfully, orthodontics has come a long way in recent years, and modern advancements make it so you do not have to resort to traditional wire braces to get the smile you want.

Straightening your teeth has many benefits, like improving the appearance of your smile, relieving jaw pain, realigning crowded teeth and closing gaps. Making the right decision starts with educating yourself about all the options out there, so read on to find out which alternative form of braces may be right for you.

Invisible braces

Clear aligners are a top choice for adults looking to straighten their teeth. These can be used alone or in combination with other orthodontic treatments to achieve a great smile. Invisible braces are personalized, removable plastic trays that realign teeth by providing small adjustments toward a straighter smile at each stage.

Each tray is custom made to progressively move the teeth into place. After two weeks, the tray is switched out for another that then moves the teeth a bit more. This process is repeated until teeth are in the right position. Because the appliance is virtually unnoticeable, this is a very popular option for adults who want to go on living their daily lives without a conspicuous change in their smile.

The benefit to clear aligners is that they are removable. Therefore, you can use your teeth as you please as long as you remove them before eating. This can also be a negative for some, as the hassle of removing them can be a lifestyle adjustment that takes a while to get used to. It is also important to note that invisible braces can also take longer to correct teeth than traditional wire braces.

Clear ceramic braces

A nod to the more traditional route, ceramic braces are either clear or tooth-colored brackets attached to a very thin metal wire. These appliances are not removable, but get the job done faster than clear aligners. A step up from bulky wire braces, they work just as well and are not as apparent. In fact, they look more like a retainer than braces. These are a great option for the adult who needs a quicker result and does not care as much about the appearance.

However, these clear brackets do tend to discolor when consuming certain staining food and drink. They are replaced frequently, though, so as long as you steer clear of wine, coffee and blackberries, it is not a big issue.

Lingual braces

These are wired braces that are placed behind the teeth, out of sight. Lingual braces can be uncomfortable for some, as they are in constant contact with the tongue. They are also more prone to catching food particles and can be a little more difficult to clean. But for those who want a practical option, these offer the effectiveness of traditional braces mixed with the luxury of invisible teeth straightening.

Orthopedic expansion

If you have crowded teeth, this treatment can make space without the need for tooth extraction. By widening the jaw, orthopedic expansion can make room for teeth and provide pleasant cosmetic changes to the shape of your face. Expanding the jaw can give you a wider smile, make room for crowded teeth without extraction, and help better the results and shorten the treatment time for orthodontic devices like braces or clear alignment trays.

Another plus, orthopedic expansion can add fullness to the cheeks and lips, giving effects similar to plastic surgery.

The bottom line

These orthodontic treatments can improve your smile, realign your bite, and relieve jaw pain in the process. Make an appointment today to discuss all your available options.

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